Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Desire …

To assist our sponsors in their business development goals by increasing your customer base by nationally broadcasting YOUR brand with our brand to a demographic made of higher than average earners at an average age of 49.2. Racing fans are some of the most loyal fans of any sport. Becoming a TRANS AM team sponsor is a big step for any company regardless of size or budget.

Allegretta Racing takes great pride in making sure each sponsor’s expectations are greatly exceeded.

Our team becomes an extension of the marketing department of our sponsoring corporations or organizations.

We guarantee you an increase in your current customer base which is how you will increase sales while fostering a marketing strategy with Allegretta Racing.

Our involvement can be as extensive as our sponsors desire and can include television, print and radio campaigns, car appearances, driver and team appearances for promotions and other marketing services. The vision and philosophy of the team is to provide a non stop professional effort from the driver crew and office staff.

We guarantee we will work hard and represent each sponsor with education, devotion and integrity, regardless of the size of their sponsorship.

Our team offers season primary sponsorship opportunities beginning at $25,000 to $250,000. This type of sponsorship has been proven through marketing data that sponsors who are serious about marketing their product to the fullest are best served by establishing a long term relationship with a single team and driver.

Allegretta Racing would agree to schedule its driver at an agreed upon number of appearances for the sponsor’s scheduled events, fairs, corporate outings and other events. The Allegretta Racing team would display your logo on RACING apparel.

The sponsor could have a custom designed racing website which could directly link to the sponsor’s own website. This could allow a direct connection for trans am fans to click their way right onto the sponsor’s storefront.

VA Motorsports also would design its website to resemble and promote the sponsor’s image to the hundreds of thousands of fans who visit the teams site each month along with a special sponsor section on each monthly newsletter distributed to thousands of race fans who want to be in the know with Allegretta Racing.

allegretta racing showhauler featured imageThe teams hauler a custom made Showhauler 40′ long and 13′ feet high towing a 37′ long and 13′ high Pony Express Stacker used to transport the car, driver and team could feature a sponsor design paint scheme or custom made vinyl wrap to become a 80′ long and 13′ high travelling billboard for the sponsors products or services as it travels from New Jersey to Texas to Wisconsin in its racing circuit 9 months out of the year. Season begins in March and ends in November.

The team and driver could be fitted with custom team uniforms which would promote the sponsor’s message to all fans at the track and watching via television on race day. Uniforms could carry the sponsors logo colors, designs and include their website, address, phone number or any other identifying marks.

If a sponsor is not sure about committing to a full race season, Allegretta Racing also offers half season, multi-race sponsorship opportunities at various prices depending on the duration.

  • Half Season Primary $50,000 to $100,000
  • Single Race | Primary $25,000
  • Single Race | Major Associate $10,000 to $17,500
  • Single Race | Associate $1,000 to $15,000

Imagine The Impact!

Imagine the impression your company will make when our 40′ long and 13′ feet high Showhauler towing a 37′ long and 13′ high Pony Express Stacker, transporting our team, along with race car cross country to events wrapped in your logo. Our team will make stops along the way, to corporate events, store openings, meet and greets, wearing gear also branded with your company logo. We would be the liaison to the building and success of your company and solidify our partnership.